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Napa Education & Training Consortium (NETC)

The Consortium began as an initiative of the Napa-Lake Workforce Investment Board which envisioned such a collaborative effort as an important tool “to better meet the workforce needs of our employers.”

The first meetings were held in the summer of 2013 and the group expanded with each meeting.

The founding members of the Consortium were:

• Beth Pratt, NVC

• Tammie Holloway, Napa County ROP

• Rhonda Slota, Napa Valley Adult Education

• Brett Risley, Sheet Metal Workers Union

• Maria Cisneros, Principal, Valley Oak High School

• Cristy Borquez, Supervisor of Employment Services, WorkforceNapa

• Bruce Wilson, Napa-Lake Workforce Investment Board

• Jim Cassio, Napa-Lake Workforce Investment Board

Our mission was defined as follows:  “To better meet the workforce needs of our employers through collaboration.”

It was agreed that the NETC meetings would be monthly, on the 3rd Monday of each month, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. The meeting locations would rotate among interested members, and the host of each meeting would be responsible for the agenda, the meeting notice (email), and for facilitating the meeting.

It was agreed that guests would be welcome at the NETC monthly meetings, but no regular NETC member will extend an invitation to anyone to become a new regular NETC member without first discussing it (in person, or by phone conference, or by email) with the other members to ensure there is a general consensus on the new member.

The Consortium agreed to work together on two sector strategy initiatives in 2014: one for the Healthcare industry and one for the Wine, Hospitality & Tourism industry cluster. A combination of industry roundtable discussions and workforce needs surveys will be used to identify and validate employer workforce needs. The roundtable method will also provide an opportunity for NETC members and guests representing the local education, training and workforce development communities to “listen” to and engage with the employers. It will then be the responsibility of the NETC members to work together in addressing employer workforce needs and other priority issues as identified through our dual but complimentary research methods.

For more information contact:
Jim Cassio, NETC Coordinator
(916) 320-4944